The staff at Ridge Dental Center will provide you the best in care. All of our team will strive to make sure your dental treatment is not only a pleasant experience, but also one in which you refer your family and friends. You will immediately notice that our staff truly love their work and they love working together .

Penny Babb-Fowler our office manager is the usually the smiling face and voice that patients first encounter. Her passion and love of Ridge Dental Center's patients will be abundantly clear as she takes a sincere and genuine interest in each one. A graduate of The University of Illinois, Penny is truly a people person and has many years of work experience dealing with the general public at large. She goes above and beyond what is usually expected of a typical office manager. Her , infectious laughter and upbeat personality is easily picked up on your first call and first visit to the office.

Blanca (Gaby) Contreras RDA, is the dental assistant to Dr. Chipp and others on staff. She serves as his right hand during many of the dental procedures performed at Ridge Dental Center. Her expertise, knowledge and skill are quite evident when she works. She has achieved expanded skills certification through her years of work which gives her the ability to perform many dental functions that many assistants cannot. She is fluent in spanish and also serves as the bilingual translator for the office. While under her care you will come to realize that Gaby also loves her field and work and that it comes across each and every day.

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